Thursday, December 9, 2010

Faith in the Workplace

I've begun to bring my faith into the workplace. It's had a rocky start, but I'll get there.

First, I was encouraged by a colleague to basically steal images online for use in a PowerPoint - "It's OK because it won't be online and only a dozen or so people will see it - no harm, no foul." Didn't feel right and I said so. Then I took it to the senior partner and said I wasn't going to be part of that. I think I annoyed her - I think she felt I came across sanctimonious (since her standards were the same). Live and learn - not to modify my standards, but to better express them.

Next, in one of the online list-servs I participate in, a question came up about the value of a conscious strategy of alienating opponents (and, conversely, pumping up friends). After reviewing ways that this can apply in PR and marketing, as well as in life (sports, Wall Street, etc.), I wrote this:

"The historically and spiritually most-significant example is Jesus, who made it clear that if you weren’t for him, you were against him – that you had to be “all in” with him or, as noted in scripture (John 3:16) that He was the only way to heaven. His “Great Commission” was intended to fire up followers to go out and save the world in His name. He certainly alienated the Pharisees and Sadducees and did so intentionally – he took on wealth and privilege and alienated many powerful people. He dined with sinners and Republicans (oops, I mean publicans) and mocked those who were self-righteous (let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone)."

This is my first more-or-less public testimony, and the first time I've put my faith out to an audience in the context of work. Not sure where it will go, yet, but it's a start.

Should I get any blow-back or feed-back, I'll blog it here.

Ned in Vegas

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